DD-Optik GmbH        
DD-Optik GmbH was founded in 1990.
The company manufactures optical components and has successfully occupied the market for rapid prototyping and small series manufacturing for lasers, medical instruments and imaging applications.
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Areas of expertise
- Manufacturing of spherical optics with diameters
  between 4 mm and 220 mm
- Series production of optical components for lasers
- Machining of infrared materials such as Ge and Si
- Diamond turning of aspheres through cooperation
   with longstanding partners

Exceptional capabilities
- „Speed-Line“  manufacturing
-  10 working days for uncoated optics
-  15 working days  for coated optics

Research and development
- Development and manufacturing of OEM assemblies
   for metrology instruments such as interferometers.
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- Newest generation of CNC machines
- Interferometer objectives
  4“ diameter objectives with standard f-numbers 
     ranging from f/0,75 to  +- f/35 as well as custom
     f-numbers  (f/1,1;  f/1,9; f/4,8)
  6“ diameter standard objectives with  f/1,1 and f/2,2
  6“ diameter super special objective with internal beam
       expansion to 8“

Geschäftsführer / CEO
Dankesreiter Franz / Denk Ludwig